Fashion trends

  1. I like her shoes!

  2. Tulle is back!

  3. La moda es cíclica y se reinventa sí misma una y otra vez para recuperar e innovar con las tendencias. Sin embargo, en estos momentos en los que ese esfuerzo de reinterpretación no siempre es suficiente, las fashionistas avanzadas se atreven a trasgredir las ‘normas’ establecidas para ir un paso más allá en la definición de ese estilo único y original. Bienvenidos a la moda sin limitaciones…


    Foto VOGUE

  4. It’s fashionable to vote!!!

  5. Items I want in my wardrobe/to wear all the time:

    • Black leather skater skirt
    • Cropped lace shirt
    • Button up blouse with a sequinned collar
    • Black suede platform boots
    • A breezy white dress made of cotton or silk
    • Pretty undergarments
    • High waisted leather shorts
    • A sequinned gold skater skirt
    • Loose fit denim shirt
    • A pretty new cocktail dress
  6. Gush !! Love this !!

  7. It’s Melbourne Cup Day – Yay!!  Enjoy the bubbles and the fashions!  Can hardly wait to see the dresses & the hats! Stay neat ladies!


    Bought!!! on eBay for a bargain. 😀

    I will be using them to bring a jumper into this seasons new trend and also updating a lovely shirt I got with collar tips 😀

    Cheaper than buying them already done from the shops. Just do it yourself.

  9. Puede que el cambio no sea radical y que el sol de media tarde aún caliente, pero mal que nos pese, ha llegado la hora de pensar en invierno porque, de un momento a otro, los abrigos, los gorros o sombreros, los guantes,las bufandas y los jerséis de lana, volverán a convertirse en prendas básicas de nuestros looks diarios.

    Más en CAJA DE MUÑECAS []

  10. Dolce & Gabbana – Italian Luxury!

    Dolce & Gabbana Dolce & Gabbana is an Italian luxury industry fashion house founded in 1985 by designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, hence the name Dolce & Gabbana! They showcased their first women’s collection in 1985 in Milan! Since that time the Dolce & Gabbana line has flourished into being one of the top fashion brands in the world! They have ventured into all areas of fashion from Women’s to Men’s, Kids, Accessories of all kinds, and have even flourished in the beauty department!  Originally inspired by an eclectic, thrift shop named Bohemia. Dolce & Gabbana’s intensely colored, animal prints have been described as “haute hippy dom” which lead to the inspiration to Italy’s impressive film history. Domenico Dolce stated that, “When we design it’s like a movie”. “We think of a story and we design the clothes to go with it.” Their goal is to create the best, most flattering clothes rather than competing with the sparking trends. Celebrities all over wear the Italian luxury line!

    Halle Berry and  Jim Sturgess Wearing Dolce & Gabbana @

     the Premiere of ‘Cloud Atlas’ in Hollywood, CA on October 24, 2012.

    Selena Gomez @ the ‘Spring Breakers’ Photocall and Premiere After-Party during the Toronto International Film Festival Dolce & Gabbana have received lots of controversy over the years with their over the top ad campaigns. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) criticized them in January 2007, for an advertising campaign showing models brandishing knives. Not to mention what is said to be one of the most controversial advertisements in fashion history, with their advertisement in Spain that displayed a man holding a woman to the ground by her wrists while a group of men look on. That is just to name a couple, but regardless of all the controversy, they have definitely made major history with their beautiful collections along with making their brand and all accessories something to be desired! Just yesterday, Saturday November 3rd, 2012 it was released that Dolce & Gabbana are launching their new Animalier collection – just in time to stuff those Christmas stockings. The limited-edition contains a leopard-print motif that is an essential part of the designers’ sexy, appealing image, that they are so great at pulling off! The range consists of glow bronzing powder, smooth eye colour quad in Desert 123, and lipstick in iconic 210, exclusive to Harrods. Looking for ideas for your Christmas stockings this year? Check out what Dolce & Gabbana have to fulfill the chic needs in your home, with their beauty products!

    Dolce & Gabbana

    Click!fashion-discounts/cvxn for more of Dolce & Gabbana’s designs along with more top name designers! Iconici Tv Fashion discounts is your one stop source for first-quality fashion products at unexpected prices! Take advantage and get your Christmas shopping done early this year!

    Remember to Keep it Iconic!
    Miss Naiya Marcelo 

  11. Biker jackets hit the runways!!

  12. Life-Styler Fashion Tip: Leopard Tamers!! How to wear animal print without looking over the top. Pay special attention to fabric & the cut. The key is to go for a demure neckline plus a material that isn’t shiny or too tight. Try a skirt only & complement with a plain black top. Finish with basic pumps a thin belt. Matte gold cuffs make a great accessory without going over the top.

  13. Add a garnet piece, to grab on to the oxblood trend. While Garnet has many shades that will compliment Oxblood red, be careful to pair it with complimentary colors, as a gemstone it often has deep shades that are near blackish. Look for garnets that seem to literally burn like hot coals.

  14. Fashion Alert: Oxblood red

    According the higher tiers of fashiondom, where self titled Fashionistas hold court, it has been decided the color trend for the Fall of 2012 is “Oxblood Red”.

    What exactly is this color? Let us examine this. The history of it is totally unpleasant and I won’t dignify it with details here, but the origin of the color has its place in nature. Oxblood red is muted red, it is softened or modified if you will by the color brown, hence a hazy sort red leaning towards brownish undertones. So to make it easy we’ll say Brownish Red, not quite burgundy which is a similar family of red.

    As much as I hate it when so called Trendy expert type people dictate what is in and what is out (I’m more set your own rules, you live only once), there is room on my blog to decipher current trends set by said people. I still maintain, do as you will, but harm no one. Currently the odd colors that have suddenly flooded the market place are on trend; everything from Oxblood color shoes to Oxblood shaded lip stick and nail varnish.

    Truth be told, it is a perfect fall color. If you happen live in an area that perfectly displays the changing of leaves as season change, you are in the best position to whitness the changes from Autumn’s simple highlights to the warm browns, maroons and golds of a maturing Fall. Nature provides much inspiration when seeking to pair up with this Oxblood red. So girls pull out those brownish garnet antique earrings from Grandma, thrown on a simple shoulder wrap in the latest shade of red, or to add some fall trendy color palettes to your ensemble’, or pick your best pouty lip pose and layer those kissable lips in a warm shade of Oxblood Red.

    I’ll place some examples here.

  15. Pouty lips- Shades of Red …Oxblood, For you ladies that can’t commit to the shade in fashion, try it in a few interesting makeup choices.

  16. Anja Rubik in elie saab

  17. silhouette + flesh

  18. Life-Styler Fashion Tip: Love your bod!! If you have a boyish figure (straight up & down), choose a long lean dress that has a skinny belt, one with a peplum or that has darts around the waist.  It will

    add extra height as well as giving you shape through the middle. Look for wrap dresses & coats, cropped jackets, belted jumpers.

    But if you have a tummy that you’d much rather hide, try a lighter coloured jacket or cardigan worn over a darker outfit like a black dress or black pants & top. This will immediately make you look leaner through the midsection. Look for tunic styled dresses that are cinched in just under the bust, pants with side zips. Avoid drawstring waists & baggy pants!

  19. OSM♥ ♥ ♥

  20. All items are from Topshop

    A/W is my favourite season for fashion, having to wrap up in lots of layers is a great excuse to buy more clothing and accessories without feeling guilty. If you don’t have money to splash then buying typical autumn and winter items that are always in fashion every year is a great way to save money but still look on trend. If you invest in a good statement winter coat, a chunky cardigan, ankle boots, skinny jeans, a snood and jumpers as these are essentials for the cold months ahead. For prints you will find that leopard print never goes out of fashion and fairisle prints are also always in fashion for A/W and as for colours choose warm shades like burgundy, khaki, black, brown and tan.



    Leopard, winter floral, aztec, tie dye, ombre, dip dye, checkered, dog tooth, skulls, cats, tartan, monochrome, moc croc, crosses, galaxy cosmic, paisley, oriental, army camo, tapestry, speckle, brocade.


    Purple, cobalt blue, burgundy, tan, black, brown, beige.


    Leather, wool, lace, mesh, acrylic knit, feathers, faux fur


    Grunge, gothic, 60s mod, vintage, preppy, western, countryside, military.


    Printed peg leg trousers, belted waistlines to show curves, 60s style shift dresses, embellished details like sequins, studs, spikes and glitter. Bustier corset bralet style tops, PU sleeves, wet look leggings, oversized boyish coats, jumpers and cardigans, layering clothing, pleated and skater style skirts, mini and midi skirts/dresses, roll neck sweaters, cut out details, clashing prints, buttoned up western style shirts, pinafore dresses, peplums.


    Ankle boots, toe-cap point boots, studded and spike boots, dolly shoes, platform courts, loafers, brogues, hi-top trainers, decorative heels, chelsea boots.


    Preppy satchels, doctors bag, oversized clutch bags, slouchy totes, rucksacks, pork pie hats, peter pan collars, cross earrings and necklaces, chunky snoods, metal collar tips.


    Vamp red lips and nails, heavy smokey eyeliner, rosy cheeks, braided hair.

  21. Happy World Vegan Day! We check out the latest in cruelty-free leather alternative (i.e. vegan) footwear in this video.

  22. pantalones de leather negro


  23. Tela de jean / Denim


  24. Kati Price After Her Appearance at Hunger Games She Named Mom of the Year By Foxy Bingo

  25. Stunning Examples of Female Photography by Raquel Jaramago

  26. Life-Styler Fashion Tip: Don’t let fashion spook you! The styles at the moment are great for everyone’s body shape! Here’s a top that all body types can wear – it skims over bits that you don’t want everyone to take notice of, yet gives shape to those who are trying to create it. If modesty is a worry, simply pair with a singlet top underneath! Wear it with skirts tucked in or with skinny/straight jeans or pants. Perfect. Happy trick or treating tonight!!

  27. 9 Colored Suede Pumps You’ll Love: There’s just something about suede pumps that help make your look a bit more polished. They should always be a mainstay in your closet. For fall, punch up the the style quotient by sporting a chic pair in a richly-defined hue — like raspberry or mustard yellow. (Source)

  28. Trend Watch: Knubby Cardigans

    Some trends are purely aesthetic with little to no foundation in the necessities of real life, while others are more utilitarian in nature. This fall’s knubby cardigan trend is the happy medium between the two. Available in a slough of textures, patterns, and colors, there is a version out there for the most discerning shopper; meanwhile, the extra heavy weight means that these cold weather staples are sure to carry you well into winter.

    1. A.F. Vandervorst 2. Missoni 3. Mauro Grifoni 4. See by Chloe 5. Malene Birger 6. Proenza Schouler 7. Michael Kors 8. Rag & Bone 9. Barbour 10. Madewell

  29. Inspirada en el Valle de Ordesa en otoño, SERENITY de Flaska Lavernerecrea toda la esencia de este fascinante entorno natural con una colección de sugerentes diseños de líneas suaves y tonos empolvados que inspiran serenidad.



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